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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Chuck Norris Action Jeans

How cool are these?

Because you never know when you might have to do a high kick into the face of the checkout girl who won’t take your coupons, Chuck Norris Action Jeans “won’t bind your legs.” Of course, you might want to skip the slick-bottomed cowboy boots, unless you’re Chuck Norris, who does not interface with friction like a normal material object.

link [Dethroner]


Anonymous said...

you are a geanius!!!!!
fuck dude my freinds and I read your stuff and now we sit hours coming up with more chuk norris stuff XD

umm one of mine-

if you look at the moon and draw a strait line exectly 64 degrees down to erth, you will find chuck norris, becouse the moon folows chuk.

post me a comment back if it's good and mybe we can shere some chuk norris shit...

keep the briliant work man

Walter Stonewall said...

I like that one! How about:

One night I had a dream about Chuck Norris' roundhouse. I woke up with a bloody nose and 3rd degree concussion.

Chuck Norris is so deadly they had to ask his permission to use the movie title "Lethal Weapon".

Keep em comin. I like it!

Walter Stonewall said...

When asked "Chuck do you use your total body gym everyday?" Chuck replied, "No! I get more exercise going pee every morning than anyone else could get in their whole entire lifetime!"

Chuck Norris was originally the star of Boogie Nights. However when they got to the last scene a catastrophic event occurred after Chuck unzipped his pants. Unfortunately the whole cast and crew was destroyed. Subsequently NATO asked Marky Mark to play Dirk Diggler to spare the bloodshed.

Anonymous said...

hhhhh that is good dude XD

what about-

1.when chuck norris pees against the wind, the wind blows on it self.

2.when chuck norris does Push ups he doesn't lift he's budy, he pushes the erth down.

3. when chuck noris walks in to the water, he doesn't get wet,
the water becomes chuck norris.

by the way my name's Rani :)

Walter Stonewall said...

I liked all your Norrisism; pretty dope!
How about:

The english word Tornado equals Chuck Norris in Latin!

All world records are held by Chuck Norris, but his name is excluded to give others a chance!

Jean Claude Van Damme's dance moves in Bloodsport were the direct result of Chuck Norris puttin his earth shaking foot down on somebodies head!

Chuck Norris invented the word crime just as an excuse to kick more ass.

Anonymous said...

LOL XD you killed me man XD

I wrote some more of my norisisms in the comments for the video