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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Daily SiBlurb- 5/16/07


-USB Stick + Memory Cards - Ingenious
-Bad Tatoo - Good intentions...bad artist
-Halo 3 Release date - Sept 25th...but can we really believe it?
-McEmployee Stashes Pot in Happy Meal and Gives it to a Kid - Look Mommy, I got some McWeed!
-Dog Treadmill - How lazy is this? One Comment said "i see a stationary bike in the background. how funny would it be if you lined em up the same way, tied a leash to the puppy, and started riding the bike holding the leash? haha". That is some good stuff...or at least I think so
-Amazon to sell DRM-free music too - Take that Apple!
-Sweet Exhaust - Just look
-Engadget gets tricked, causes 2bill loss for Apple - Engadget and other sites were duped into thinking the iPhone was going to be delayed. This scare caused Apple's market value to drop 4 billion...Briefly. Too bad it wasn't true

Daily Video

Rejuvenate your relationship with your Mother with the Materni-Cord


Luke said...

I feel so bad fot the tatto guy, great intentions, but poor choice of pic and artist.

Walter Stonewall said...

That was a gross video. I'm disturbed