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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Daily SiBlurb- 5/22/07


-Jacket on a Wrist - So small it will fit on your wrist
-Big Lebowski Book - Contains everything Dude
-Thumby the Tattoo - Interesting yet kinda gross
-Beer Mug Lamp - Making your thirst for beer worse

Daily Video

I stumbled across this skit called The Legend of Old Gregg a few months ago and for some odd reason I find myself watching it quite often. The skit is from "The Mighty Boosh" which is a British TV show....I think. If you want to find the whole episode, so things make a little more sense, search for "Old Gregg" on YouTube and go through the 5 segments that make up the whole episode.

Now, many of you might find this video weird, disturbing and disgusting while others may find themselves watching the video over and over again....and maybe even calling their friends "Fuzzy little man peaches" (I know I do). Enjoy!

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