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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Daily SiBlurb- 5/8/07


-Wee HDD - Tiny external HDD
-Google Phone announced tomorrow? - Could Google join the race?
-Blackboard Clock - Just really cool
-Tube Slide - This would be way better than stairs
-Chevy Volt in 2010? - Rad concept car may be reality in 2010
-Metronaps Sweet Sleep - Nap Time

Daily Video
Check out the trailer for this new zombie movie "Fido" that is coming out this Summer. I like the version at /Film more but I can't embed it. I love zombie movies!


Luke said...

OK, Fido may take The Highlander's academy award for best movie ever. I love Zombie movies, one of my favorite genres. I will be there June 15th to see it!

Simon said...

I will see you there too. I especially love funny zombie movies like Shaun of the Dead, but also like all of the Dawn of the Dead series. Some more favs are The Re-animator and Dead Alive!