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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Fattest of the Fat

As we all know the United States is a very fortunate place to live. We have a society of freedom, low poverty, good sanitation and a desire for fatty goodness! In America we have busy lives, poor diets, a lot of food and other factors that can commonly lead to obesity. In the graph below you'll notice that the US takes the number 1 spot for the fattest nation; Go US.

Obesity by Nation
Furthermore, what you'll notice below is obesity statistics that are divided up by states. The obesity averages were collected from 2003 to 2005. Green is good; Red is bad. Congratulations to Colorado for being the skinniest state in the nation! But lets not forget about Mississippi who takes the cake as fattest state in the nation. And don't count out Chicago which weighed in as the fattest city in the US! Therefore, Chicago and Mississippi are the proud winners of "The Fattest of the Fat"!

Obesity By State

***Obesity was considered having a BMI over 30% for statistics involving obese nation comparison.
****Statistical values may not be completely accurate, however the conclusion is still the same.


Simon said...

All the way USA...and congrats to Colorado because it is the coolest state ever! (Though if you don't live in Colorado, you wouldn't like don't visit or move)

To fix this obesity problem, I suggest the Slimfast, Pizza and Wii Diet -

Luke said...

U S A, U S A, The only problem with this is that it is using the bmi index, According to that I am way overweight I would have to be like 160 lbs, at 6'1" to be normal, that is a skinny MO FO!

Walter Stonewall said...

Me to Luke my BMI is 25.1, just barely on the obese side. Everything I eat goes straight to my arse. Life's not fair!!