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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Health Update: Not all Condoms are Created Equal

Know your condoms: Consumer reports have analyzed and compiled information into the effectiveness, strength and reliability of 23 condoms out on the market. You’ll notice that Durex, Trojan, TheyFit and Lifestyle all ranked among the top 7 with an excellent score. Trojan was the only company to add Spermicidal agents to two of their condom styles. Surprisingly, Planned Parenthood’s condoms scored among the bottom half in their three manufactured condoms. Assorted Colors and Honeydew Planned Parenthood condoms ranked 22nd and 23rd respectively out of 23. Assorted colors was ranked 'fair' and Honeydew was ranked 'poor'.

So remember to double check your brand and it’s effectiveness at preventing STD’s and pregnancy. Comparatively Planned Parenthood condoms are sub par and should altogether be avoided according to consumer reports.

"If you obtain condoms from Planned Parenthood, avoid the low-rated scented Honeydew and Assorted Colors varieties." excerpt from Consumer Reports.

I thought to myself that surely after this report came out that Planned Parenthood would have improved the quality or changed their condoms altogether. So I called the hotline (800) 230-7526 and was transferred to Kim in the local area Planned Parenthood. She told me that the condoms had not changed in the last 2 to 3 years and were the same quality.

Is it really a public service to give out free condoms that you know don't perform to standards? The simple principal is to know your condoms, better safe than sorry.

Link to Condom Consumer Health Report

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