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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Justin TV

Just like Ed TV, but for real

24/7 reality online TV show has has turned into a bit of a mini-phenomenon since launching just two months ago. Their apartment was raided by the police, and they were later evicted by their landlord. They were on the Today Show. Justin has hung out with famous rappers. They’ve taken extravagant dares from their audience, and a crowd always surrounds Justin and his ubiquitous camera. Hundreds of adolescent viewers watched (sort of) as Justin had sex on the show, although users were left with a black screen and silence until the team started playing porn music. The site has been far more successful so far than the founders anticipated.

The site is so successful, in fact, that many people have said they want to start their own real-life television shows. Startup Ustream launched just in time to take advantage of this - they give users the tools to easily duplicate the experience.

Today, is launching its own network to allow users to create and publish their own shows.

Check out live footage of Justin TV here

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