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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Long Live Leg Warmers

Long live leg warmers, hand warmers and long live Rainbow Brite! A quick blast to the past to the days of Footloose and Fame! How could we forget this formidable fashion statement that once captivated the dance seen around the states.
Fashions for any occasion. Everybody cut footloose!
Pritty in Pink Prep Leg Warmers: Versatile and will work with any outing!
Footloose Leg Warmers: How could anyone forget!
Parochial School Leg Warmers: Too Cool for School
Autumn Leg Warmers: Stay warm and stay classy for the fall.
Grunge Leg Warmers: Only for the hardcore
And Let's not forget the Hand Warmers: Blend into the wilderness like swamp thing.


Simon said...

I love girls in leg warmers!!!

Simon said...

....oh and this is also on my Top Ten Products I Miss From The 80’s list

Luke said...

Rainbow bright is hot!

Anonymous said...

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