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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Maximize your Buzzzz: Peak Drinking Performance

Learn how to make the most of your night and optimize your mood and while you've got your drink on. This chart explains that people have the best alcohol buzz from a blood alcohol level (BAC) ranging from 0.03 to 0.12.
"At this BAC, you are clinically in the “Euphoria” stage. Symptoms include sociability, talkativeness, increased self-confidence and decreased inhibitions."
Once you surpass this phase you start to progressively go downhill as your motor skills slow and judgment becomes impaired. Around 0.3 BAC is when you reach almost all loss of motor function, slurred speech and you begin to approach the dreaded 'Blackout'!

For example Buzzzzin Ben Borrelia a 150 guy wants to stay around a BAC of 0.075. To stay around 0.075 he can have 3 drinks an hour, and after two hours he will have eliminated to drinks, consumed 6 and be around the 0.075 mark. He can now stick to 1 beer (or shot) per hour for each remaining hour.
This graph explains the number of drinks you can initially consume, for your weight, to reach your peak drinking performance! Once at your peak you need to slow your roll if you want to stay in the optimum range.

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Simon said...

Great information, now I know why I am always riding the blackout train by the end of my night.

Great use of Buzzin Ben!

Luke said...

So after 6 I need to slow down, that makes me sad.