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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Puffer Fish: Stronger than Cocaine

Did You Know: Puffer Fish is a fish that is a delicacy in places like Japan. However Puffer Fish contain a deadly toxin, known as tetrodotoxin, in their internal organs, mainly the ovaries, liver and eye's, that can cause paralysis and eventual death even in very small quantities. Tetrodotoxin is very similar to cocaine and lidocaine except it is said to be 160,000 times stronger than Blow and can rapidly cause paralysis of the diaphragm and suffocation.

Quick administration of Anticholinergic drugs can sometimes spare the life of the consumer. It's illegal to prepare Puffer Fish in most areas of the world, but you can still find it in certain restaurants. However, if it's prepared incorrectly than death can ensue.

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