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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

'Saturday Night Palsy'!

Did you Know: Radial Neuropathy or 'Saturday Night Palsy' is an injury or compression to the radial nerve that courses through the arm. Radial neuropathy causes numbness to the back of the hand and wrist, inability to straighten your thumb and 'wrist drop'! Wrist drop is the inability to extend the wrist leaving the hand limp.

Radial neuropathy is commonly referred to as 'Saturday Night Palsy' or 'Honeymooners Palsy'. By now you may be wondering where this is going with a nickname like 'Saturday Night Palsy' and a common symptom of wrist drop. The nicknames are said to originate from the excessive desire for love or liquor. Radial neuropathy can occur in instances such as falling asleep in a drunken stupor with your arms behind you and against something such as a bar edge or seat back. It is said to also occur if your arm is behind a chair for excessive amounts of time. This nerve compression may occur when you 'make out' for extended periods of time while neglecting your arm.

So when your 'pist' check your arm and check your wrist and when your kissing in the theatre make sure to move your fingers! Just a little rhyme I came up with in my spare time!


Simon said...

Can this be fixed by surgery or any kind of medical procedure?

Zach said...

Mostly the care is supportive and often you regain the use of your arm but it takes awhile for damaged nerves to regenerate.