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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Shirt Design by Simon

A few weeks back Paige posted our first fashion related article about the new fades for the Spring time. This post reminded me of a shirt that I actually made or designed a awhile back so I thought I would post about it

So when I was a little tyke my parents used to leave my brother and I at our grandparents house while they traveled to various spots in the nation. At our grandparents house we really only had a few things to do: eat amazing food from grandma, play with wooden blocks, work on cars with gramps, or sew with grandma. Regardless of what you wanted to do you did a good amount of all of these....I know this doesn't seem to be going anywhere, but just wait.

A few months back a few friends and I were sitting at Illegal Pete's talking to our good friend and bartender, Thomas. Apart from being an amazing bartender and cook, Thomas also is a very good artist. We started talking about fashion and he pointed out that he only wears blank t-shirts and shirts that he has designed by spray painting random stuff on. I was actually very impressed with some of his shirts and thought "Hey, I should do that too."

This is when this crazy story merges...So one day I decided that I could make my own shirts too but that I could try sewing some designs on them instead. So I racked my brain for some ideas of images or designs to sew onto my shirts. I went through coloring books and computer clip art until it just hit me....What is one of the simplest things to draw even for a 2 year-old? A Turkey Hand! And so the magic happened!

Below are some pics of it. I wanted to take some pictures of myself sporting the shirt around but it is hard to take good pictures of yourself. I think modeling it would do it better justice, but these will have to do.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Now I know that this shirt will now be on hot demand but I must tell you that you must have patience because it takes me a few nights for each.


Zach said...

That's pretty dope! You should send your design to and ( or whaetevr the website is). They accept other peoples designs from around the world .

Paige said...

yes!! that is awesome! I like the swiggle lines, too.

Luke said...

Hand Turkey, f@#K yeah!

Simon said...

I posted it to uneetee so I guess we will see