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Sunday, May 13, 2007

This Week in Health, Fitness and Science

Bad Week For:
  • Synthetic Wood: The FDA issued a health risk alert for 'True Man' and 'Energy Max' supplements. Both supplements are touted as sexual enhancement products and said to help with erectile dysfunction. According to the FDA "Both products are illegal drug products that contain potentially harmful, undeclared ingredients". Article Link
  • Tea Time: According to studies at Rutgers, a New Jersey State University, large quantities of Green Tea may be harmful to your kidneys and liver. It is still believed that moderate amounts are beneficial to heart disease and cancer prevention. So watch out and don't load up on concentrated Green Tea supplements and tablets. Article Link
  • Charlotte's Web: After the doctor of a 9 year old boy with an earache discovered two spiders who had taken up residence in his ear! Sounds a little frightening! Article Link
  • Internet Efficiency: According to you lose 2.5 days of your life a year to slow web pages. Article Link.
Good Week For:
  • Chemically Induced Memory Lapses: A warning is out that sleep aids like Ambien and Lunesta may cause unusual nightime behavior such as having sex, driving or making food with no recall of the events. Sounds similar to a wild night full of Jagermeister! Could come in handy when trying to refute a nasty phone call made the night before. Article Link
  • Lizard Spit: Scientists think they have isolated a compound from the saliva of Gila Monsters that will help better control diabetes. Weird, but interesting! Article Link

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Simon said...

Good thing I don't Green Tea!