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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Daily SiBlurb- 6/13/07


-Hobbit Doors - Perfect for my Garden Gnomes that Luke gave me
-Electronic Rock Paper Scissors - Stupid and lazy!
-Street Skiing - Looks kinda dangerous for those double black diamond streets
-USB Butt Cooler - They make everything in USB
-Own a personal Water-Park - Rad!!!!!!!
-Cinderella Pumpkin Bed - For all of you Princesses out there
-Meat Shorts - Great idea....or not!
-Way of the Thumb - Thumb Wrestling Book

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Super chill beer or pop

Chill A Coke In 2 Minutes! - Funny videos are here


Walter Stonewall said...

meat shorts, more like Dog munch your junk shorts!

Simon said...

Seriously! I usually back some pretty stupid ideas but these meat shorts really have no point to them!

Luke said...

My girl got me gnomes for my b-day, they have been ending up all over the house; the bathroom, tucked in be, Amy's underwear droor, best b-day present ever!