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Friday, June 15, 2007

Daily SiBlurb- 6/15/07


-Im in ur ing ur Shirt - Generated some really horrible thoughts with this shirt. Im in ur bedroom eating ur bacon
-The Onion: Rocky II, III, IV Decisions Overturned After Stallone Caught With Performance-Enhancing Drugs - I can always count on The Onion making some good calls.
-Square Bear - Because it is nerdy
-Gold Man Toilet Attachment - Great idea for toilets
-Rocket Science Trailer - Looks like this one could be a pretty good movie
-Amphibious Cars to the US - Bodacious!
-The Handler - For those with OCD
-List of Oldest Continuously Inhabited Cities - I think Denver is close....around 200 years maybe?

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1 comment:

Luke said...

What do you think he got with his tix? Novelty sunglasses, fake mustache, nose and glasses combo, or a butt-load of pencil toppers?