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Friday, June 22, 2007

Daily SiBlurb- 6/22/07


-Simpson Movie Trailer - Just because I know many of you love the Simpsons
-List of Celebrities that have died from drugs/alcohol or died while on them - Wow that is a lot of people!

Daily Video

World Bench Press Record


Walter Stonewall said...

That guy looks like he took some steroids or maybe he just ate about 85 roid juiced midgets. I don't know but that's definitely not natural.

It also seems like it would have to be at a competition to be valid. Some type of forum with judges. Like Judge Judy. She would do a good job.

Luke said...

That guy's chest gives Dog the Bounty Hunter's wife a little competition. He may take pride in his bench, but I enjoyt the simple things in life, being able to hold a phone to my ear, wipe my butt, and being able to admire the beauty of my "manhood" while I am in the shower.

Walter Stonewall said...

I agree Luke. I like to have large testicles to remind me that I'm a man , not meathead.