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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Daily SiBlurb- 6/27/07


-Transformers Cake - I love cake design. I used to design cakes a few years ago
-Meltdown Chair - Cool Chair
-Toilet with Remote - because using your hand to flush the toilet is too hard?
-The Correct Way to Pour Ketchup - Very detailed
-Dutch Hot Tub - Idea kinda seems like the same thing as those baby pools
-Designer Cardboard Boxes - In case magic markers won't do
-What the iPhone Won't Have - Interesting....but I am sure it will still be pretty cool. Ugh...I hate Apple
-Jaw Arthritis for Kobayashi - Could end his career

Daily Video

This Human Sling Shot looks fun but I hope that they have those people sign waivers before they send them off shooting

The Human Sling Shot Part 2 - Watch more free videos


Joshua said...

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Walter Stonewall said...

Thanks for the kind words and recognition. I'm glad you enjoy the Blog. I've got your blog up and going to check it out when I have a chance. But I like the music playing in the background in the meantime. What is the name of the song/artist?

Luke said...

farting in the hot tub gives it the bubbles and makes it dutch, like a dutch oven. Nothing says lovin' like somethin' from the oven, or so I tell my girlfriend.

BALURDI said...


Simon said...

@Luke - hehehe...dutch oven

@balurdi - I will get on that right away...right after I become famous :-)