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Monday, June 25, 2007

Puppy Power!

This weekend I finally got the puppy that I have been talking about for weeks. My girlfriend and I picked her up from DIA on Saturday morning and had an amazing yet sleepless weekend with her. I decided to name her Kiaya, because that was my favorite and it won the poll last week. I am getting her all setup and having a great time with her. Here are some pics.....
Here she is giving a us a great example of "puppy eyes"
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...And here Barney the Gnome and her are duking it out. Kiaya has a good lock on his head but little does she know that Barney has a hoe in his right hand. Luckly I broke it up before it got too messy.
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CosmicConservative said...

Is that a chocolate lab? Labs are the best dogs to have for pets, especially if you ever expect to have little SiBlogs running around.

Simon said...

Yes, she is a purebred Chocolate lab. Ya I had that thought in mind though I expect her to be my only little one running around for quite a while ;-)