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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Reasons Not To Get an iPhone

Ok, I have to admit, if i had 500 ducats burning a hole in my pocket and just HAD to buy something, I might try to spring for a new iPhone. But for those still on the fence, here is a good Forbes article detailing some reasons NOT get an iPhone.

"But whether you are a music lover, a business e-mail addict, a mobile power-user or just a normal consumer, there are several good reasons to think twice about dropping $500 for the first-generation iPhone."

I really like the paragraph on the battery life, with the info they have given, my phone would poop out on me like 4 times a day with how much i use email and the 'net.

(Thanks Simon!)


Simon said...

I still think it is going to be a great phone but I am not sure if it is going to live up to the hype.

Also, I thought it was interesting that the article said this "Elevation Partners, the private equity firm that has invested in Forbes Media, has announced plans to buy a 25% stake in iPhone competitor Palm". It was almost like they were telling you the reason they are ragging on the iPhone is because their partners are investing in an iPhone killer. Stupid!

I also just heard that the iPhone does not support Flash....Yikes! Many of the biggest sites in the world run off of Flash.

Bottomline is that I am really eager to see this phone in action

Kent said...

Ah, trickery. This article may be more biased then I thought. But we won't know until it comes out!

Simon said...

Ya I thought it was a good article but I was also unsure if I could trust the source

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