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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Tattooless Tattoo Styles

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Tattoo style without all the pain, money and long term effects! Check out the Tinsley Tattoo Sleeves. Where the 'tattoo' covers your arms just like a shirt and presto you have a giant tat. Pick from tribal, japanese, metal, vintage or more designs for around 24.95$.


Simon said...

I wonder if I can make my own designs? Then I could be way cool but not actually get the tattoo

Luke said...

If you get these you may as well move to San Fran, change you name to Lance, by a tea-cup poodle named princess, and Get a 5 gallon bucket of "Analease" lube!

Walter Stonewall said...

Well Luke that is just the honesty that Tinsley Tattoo's wanted! Surprisingly they had no lube linked to their web site . Perhaps a recommendation for the future. Cheers