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Friday, June 22, 2007

This Week in Health, Fitness and Science

A Good Week For:
  • Extreme Car Camping: China stated they will build a highway to the Mt Everest basecamp. Mt. Everest is the world's tallest peak and China hopes to have this elaborate plan finished before the 2008 Olympics to help the torch bearers make it to the summit! Article
  • The National Beard Registry: A new report states that many teenage girls are using steroids to improve their body image. The report also states that the majority of the drug abusers aren't even athletes and one stat stated that 7% of seventh graders had admitted to using steroids. Steroid side effects include the development of abundant facial hair and a deepening of the voice. Many other more serious side effects are also noted. Article
  • Underage Drinking: Students have developed an alcohol powder. Just add water and presto, convenient boozing. I've been waiting for this for awhile. If only I had paid more attention in Organic Chemistry I could be making bank right now. Article
  • Taxi's: Gastric Bypass Surgery cuts the amount of alcohol needed to cause a drunken state and increases the time needed to sober says a new study. The surgery cuts the amount of alcohol metabolized by the stomach and allows more alcohol into the bloodstream. Article

A Bad Week For:
  • Fresh Breath: The US announced a ban on Chinese toothpaste and other products because of dangerous chemicals and negligent practices used to produce them. Article

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