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Friday, June 29, 2007

This Week in Health, Fitness and Science

Good Week For:
  • Sobe Lizard Fuel: New research states that Gila Monster spit could help you lose weight. However, not enough evidence is out to state that making out with your pet amphibian is good for your health. Article
  • Male Enhancement Drugs: One article states that reading and viewing magazines like Maxim and FHM make men feel inadequate. Article
  • Bessie and the cows: Scientists in South Dakota have just won a grant to further study the use of Prairie Cord Grass to make an alternative fuel source ethanol. Ethanol is also produced from corn and added to gas. The rise of corn use for ethanol has left a food shortage for cows. Thus milk prices have gone up! Article
  • 24 hour fitness: Exercise can help make smarter. Exercise has a number of benefits including cardiovascular health, weight management, alleviating depression and anxiety and body image. Article

Bad Week For:
  • Xbox: The American Medical Association said it isn't sure if excessive video game use can be labeled as an addiction. But they did label it as a 'formal disorder'. Seems like your an addict if you weight outside for 3 days to pay a butt-load of money for a Playstation. Article
  • Being Young at Heart: Research states that teens that use drugs, alcohol and have sex may partly be doing it to feel older and partly cause it's fun. Article
  • Human Quilting: Recent research that looked at nine studies over the last 15 years states that acupuncture effects may mostly be due to the "Placebo Effect". So don't run out to your favorite fabric store just yet. Article
  • Robotussin: Getting high on cough syrup ingredient Dextromethorphan is bad for you, enough said. Article


Simon said...

What about waiting 100 hours for an iPhone? I think that can be labeled as a disorder and completely stupid

Walter Stonewall said...

I believe your right. If I wanted an appple iphone or playstation I'd find a homeless guy to wait outside the store for me, because he has no where to go anyways! I wouldn't even have to take vacation time to look like a tool.