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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Threadless T-Shirt Design

I recently created two t-shirt designs based off of my original Turkey Hand t-shirt and sent them into to see if they will make my shirts. I thought it would be fun to see if I could design a t-shirt since I love fashion. Unfortunately I didn't spend too much time on the design and but thought it would be fun to try.

The idea behind the designs come from when I was younger, I remember seeing Halloween Prostitute costumes where the top shirt was solid and had hand prints on the chest. The bottom was very similar with hand prints on the butt. So I took this idea but used turkey hands instead.

So here is the process of Threadless: They will review and approve/disapprove them. If they approve them then you all can vote on them. If they get enough votes they will actually make and sell the shirts so you all can buy them.

Below are the designs which are very similar. If you are interested in making your own shirts to submit here is the submission page. The tools of choice would probably be Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator so if you have those then you are set....but since I don't and those cost lots of monies I just used the free open source versions of both of those - Gimp and Inkscape

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


Anonymous said...

Maybe the Shirt should say "Hand Turkey Jobs are dope" or "Hand Turkey Jobs make me feel special" or " Everyone is cluckin for a hand turkey fuckin"

Walter Stonewall said...

Those are very interesting and creative Mr. or Ms. Anonymous

Simon said...

...or Mrs. or Dr. or Sir

Anyways, I like the ideas but I am trying to keep the shirt somewhat tasteful (though it is kinda is not right now). I thought of different one liners or titles for it but I could not come up with anything good. Have any more thoughts?

Luke said...

Gobbel Gobbel! Although everyone is cluckin!

Simon said...

One of the designs got rejected but I am not too sad about it because I didn't spend more than a half an hour on these. Hopefully they accept the other one *fingers crossed*

Simon said...

The other shirt just got rejected too...oh well. I really didn't spend too much time on them so maybe if I get some more free time I will think up a better design :-(