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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Thundercats Movie will be Animated

Warner Bros. Clarifies -- 'Thundercats' Will Be Animated

It looks like Warner Bros. has a few things to clear up about their big-screen version of Thundercats. An article in the LA Times confirms that the film will be done entirely with CGI. It was just a few days ago the Patrick had reported that the series had been given the go-ahead for a film treatment with relative newcomer Paul Sopocy on board to write the live-action script. Now, a spokesperson for WB confirmed that despite any talk of the contrary, the film would be animated. Which is probably for the best, since I can't see many big name actors willing to get into cat-suits, or wanting to play a Snarf. Misperceptions about the film aside, WB is still planning on using Sopocy's script.

The original story of Thundercats revolved around a band of "felinesque" characters who suffer the double whammy of having their home planet destroyed and then are forced to go on the run from an evil sorcerer named Mumm-Ra. The series spawned a run of comic books and was revived on The Cartoon Network in the late 90's (if you are feeling nostalgic, you can also get the first two seasons on DVD). The announcement of a big-screen version comes on the heels of news of film adaptations of fellow 80's classics G.I. Joe and He-Man.....

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