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Thursday, June 7, 2007

Top 10 Wii 'VC' Downloads

I want me a Wii....

If only for the reason to be able to download their old school goodies from the 8-bit days through Gamecube, including Sega, Turbografx, and NEO-GEO. For those that don't know, the Wii has a virtual download center called the Virtual Console. You can purchase old school games for download directly to your Wii. Games are purchased with points, that you buy with real dollars. Games are being released at about 10 new ones per month.

Here i list my choice for the Top 10 downloads every old school fan must buy!

10. Actraiser

9. Contra III: The Alien Wars

8. Donkey Kong Country

7. Excitebike

6. F-Zero

5. Mario Kart 64

4. Super Mario World

3. Tecmo Bowl

2. Super Castlevania IV

1. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Tell me what you think should have been included on the list, or for that matter what I should have left off.


Simon said...

Do they have Mike Tyson's Punch Out (or Super Punch Out) available for the Wii? If so, that is a for sure buy

Kent said...

That is a good choice! I bet i could easily stretch this list to over 20 awesome titles.

Simon said...

True that, I think I might get a Wii just for all the old school games

C said...

I am now a proud owner of a Wii! This is my first gaming system to own since the original Nintendo. I am not a fan of games, just not my thing, but the Wii offers so much more than just games. You can cruise the Internet on your TV and upload your photos as well. I am sure I will loose the thrill in a week or two, but so far it is a great investment! WIIIIIII!!!!