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Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Utilikilt

I spotted this crazy Scottish/Irish reworking from the guys down at the Goat. The utilikilt allows you to handily store all the tools you may need while adding on to the house, putting up the fence or installing a new light fixture! Enjoy more of a breeze on those hot summer days, draw a crowd when your working 30 feet up on the ladder and reenact your favorite Braveheart scenes with your hammer and nailgun. All of that fun in a good day's work!

Shown above is the Workmans Utilikilt. Other sizes and fashions are available ranging from 100 to 600$


Simon said...

Are those hole around the groin for breathing or for peeping?

Luke said...

A. those are rivets, and 2. I wish you had posted this earlier, there is a contest and all who enter a decent advertisement get a free utilikilt. The due date is the 30th.

Simon said...

Ahh, the picture made it look like little fisheye holes and not rivets.

Doh! Maybe they will still hook it up!