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Thursday, July 12, 2007

My New Internet slang and Leet Speak

I am not much of a leet speak person but I thought that maybe I could come up with some new internet slang that might catch on, but probably not. Now you may find many of these just plain stupid, because they are. But if you have any additions or other slang you want to make a comment.

mtc - my two cents just because sometimes I don't like to say IMHO (in my honest opinion). Use: I think bla bla bla bla, mtc

+#+#+# - Those are not hugs and kisses coming from me they are kicks and punches. Use: Oh ya? Well +#+#+#!

p3rv / p3rvy - Meaning pervert...because there are a lot of them online. Use: Coolguy101 are you still talking to 12 year olds on Myspace? quit being such a p3rvy!

lqtm - Laughing quietly to myself...because only on certain occasions am I "laughing out loud". I think I stole this one from Demetri Martin, so I can't take credit for it. Use:
person1: Why couldn't the bike stand on its own?
Person2: bao?
Person 1: Because its too tired
Person2: lqtm

omg - same acronym but I am changing it to "oh my gato!". No need to show you how to use it

d00ch - For all those douchebags out there. Use: Hey! Quit being such a d00ch

lrh - laughing really hard...because I never laugh my ass off. Use: Omg, lrh!

iTufy / ubertuf / ubertufy - For all those people who are only tough when they are online. You know who these guys are...they are the ones you see in places like digg and forums all over the internet. Use:
Coolguy101: All of you are so %^$&^$ stupid! only complete @#$%%$%^ morons think Diet Dr. Pepper tastes like regular Dr. Pepper.
Siblog: Oooooh! Watch out everyone, looks like we got an ubertufy on our hands!

bteot - By the eye of Thundera! Used as an expression of amazement. Use: Bteot!

wtym - Word to your Mother! Could be used in many different ways. Use:
Person1: I will see you tonight
Person2: wtym

bao? - Confused. It is the sound Scooby Doo makes when he is confused. Use:
Person1: What is the square root of 1043453509403498
Person2: Bao?

gtp - Going to puke/poo/pee. Kinda disgusting, but it lets everyone know that it could be awhile. Use: Brb gtp

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