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Monday, July 9, 2007


When I used to go to college I would always be driving back and forth between my school and my hometown, which is about a 4 hour trip. Many times I would be around an hour or so away from my destination and have the sudden need to urinate but was either to concentrated on getting to my destination or no gas stations were available, so I wouldn't want to stop. So my options were to drive in pain, stop and relieve myself or try the death-defying feat of relieving myself while driving. Many times I tried the last option with a Gatorade bottle and no cruise you can guess very few attempts were flawless. I do have a reason for drawing this horrible image in your mind...kinda. So, a German company called roadbag has come out with a product that is designed for this very task of urinating in your car when you don't have somewhere to go or stop. This urinal bag contains a polymer that turns into gel to soak up the urine. I don't recommend trying this unless it is an emergency because if you think people drive stupid while text messaging just wait until you see someone driving while peeing.


Luke said...

You must have drivin damn slow if it took 4 hrs. I remember a college friend of mine who peed in a gatorade bottle and then dumped it out the window just in case he needed a spitter! You know who you are!

Simon said...

Ok usually it took me between 3:15 - 3:45 to get there but I thought it would make it sound cooler.