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Monday, July 9, 2007

Shaolin Monks

The Shaolin monastery is the only temple in China that combines martial arts and Chan Buddhism. As such, monks at the monastery may be martial monks, scholarly or clerical monks, or both. The monks have a very regimented schedule for training. For example, before even having breakfast, the trainees must wake up at 4 AM to run for an hour, to meditate for another hour, and train martial arts for a third hour. The monks do not get very much of a break; their only vacation is ten days near the Chinese New Year to see their parents.

Check out this crazy video with a glimpse of some of the old school Shaolin training. It's pretty wild stuff!

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Luke said...

Straight out the streets of Shaolin, like the Wu Tang Clan!!! Can you picture odb doing the sit ups filling the water pitcher?