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Monday, July 2, 2007

SNL Young Chuck Norris Video

These Saturday Night Live Digital Shorts are just too funny! Check out this video about the young Chuck Norris

Saturday Night Live Young Chuck Norris - Watch more free videos


Walter Stonewall said...


lol said...

fantastic - your comments are soooo raucous!

Anonymous said...

dude it's rani, how about-

chuck norris's cancer got bold.

the sun is blinded when looking directly at chuck norris.

why did the chicken cross the roud?
to get the out of chuck norris's way.

a little boy ones talld chuck norris about "woodchuck" who chucked wood,chuck norris then roundhouse kicked him to the face becouse of his rudeness.

Anonymous said...

bald* sorry for my retarded inglish I'm israeli

Walter Stonewall said...

Those are pretty damn good. I'm going to have to work on coming up with some more myself.

How about:
The dinosaurs didn't go extinct because of an asteroid. They went extinct becasue Chuck Norris' great great grandfather was bored!

Even ghosts are scared to death by Chuck Norris!

Very few people know this but Chuck Norris powers the whole state of California with his morning workout.

Global warming will stop when Chuck Norris stops going to the gym or when Chuck tells it to stop!

Chuck Norris drinkd so much Gatorade because he gets so thirsty from beating the sh*% out of people allday that he's causing the ocean's to rise every time he goes pee.

Anonymous said...

awsome man XD

the third one is hilarius, didn't like the first one thought :\

but the rest rock!

how about-

there are 24 letters in the maian leguage. chuck norris knows 26!

dispite the belife that the pheonix reborns in a volcano, it is actualy reborns in chuck norris's ass hole.

chuck norris's round house kick is the reson there is a special olimpics.

pegasus, the winged horse, was created when chuck norris made a bird have sex with a ponny for his amusement.