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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Click It, or Ticket: Belt Buckles!

Have you been troubled lately by the fact that you can't find a belt that defines you as a person? Do you feel like everything in your wardrobe says "I'm Bad Ass!" except your belt buckle! Well friends that time is over. Because now you can not only be cool, but you can let everyone else know how cool you are by displaying it right on your belt buckle. Whether it's the platinum cassette tape, LED buckle or the egokast personal video your needs are met!

With these buckles you can program in sayings of your choice or play videos of your liking! With the egokast you can even store and save MP3's, videos and more. Put a clip of your sick 720 on your hip. I think I would have a picture of a giant ballpark footlong myself! Sounds delicious!!

1 comment:

Simon said...

Those are sweet! I love the cassette one!