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Thursday, August 2, 2007

Daily SiBlurb- 8/2/07: Seven Legged Lambs, Demerit Badges and Grandmas getting their groove on


-Powered Kayak - Kayak for the lazy...or the speed freaks
-Amazon Fresh - Online Grocery store for Seattle
-Demerit Badges - For those who suck at cooking
-Sandal Lock - Or is it?
-Drinks to Avoid in the Bar - Good list but I will add....Nitrous Oxide
-Seven Legged Lamb - I bet I could find this on a Kansas sideshow freakshow
-The real Harry Potter - Will the real Harry Potter please stand up?

Daily Picture

iPhone Display runs off of Windows XP
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Daily Video

Grandma walk it out

1 comment:

The Dude said...

To all of you Sibloggers out there, if you are a man or are trying to be/look like one you do not order shots that a bartender has to mix. You drink what ever it is straight, (Jim Beam is a great choice). Bartenders shkould be allowed to punch guys that drink girlie mixed shots especially if they ruin good liquor in the process! Ladies please continue drinking kazis!