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Friday, August 3, 2007

Daily SiBlurb- 8/3/07: Google Phone, Unhappy Fans and Super Office Space

Sorry, I have been kinda lazy on my posts lately

-Google Phone News - Just some more news for it
-Spam Hat - Yummy Spam
-Meat Sniffer - Wait....what? If it doesn't smell right don't eat it!
-Meat Curtains - I feel kinda dirty saying it but just check it out
-Wall Couch - Cool!
-6 Superfoods - Not a surprising list

Daily Picture

Fans are unhappy that David Beckham has not been playing for the Galaxy because of an injury
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Daily Video

Super Office Space

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

stfu that muslem or w/e i beat cant even pay soccer wow he (david) doesnt care he have may btter things in life that u will never have ha ha he lol loser well he has heard more good then bad so stfu loser he isss great i love da vid beckhan