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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Daily SiBlurbs- 8/15/07: Sweeney Todd, Screwdriver Warnings and Minesweeper


-3-D Nessie T-shirt - Cool!
-Taxi Driver Collectors Edition - Great Movie with some great extras
-John Deere Oven Mitt Set - Nice!
-Sweeney Todd Shot - I can't wait for this movie
-Solar iPod Nano Case - The music never ends
-Crazy Guitars - some are NSFW
-Nerd Tattoo of the day - Cryptozoology
-Yoga Mat that streams music and videos - Sweet!

Daily Picture

Thank goodness for warning labels or I would have totally thought that is what you do with those.
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Daily Video

Minesweeper the Movie! Everyones favorite computer game has now come to the big screen!


Luke said...

So am I a nerd for knowing what cryptozoology? When are they gonna print a La Chupacabra t-shirt?

Walter Stonewall said...

I think next week!

Walter Stonewall said...

Here you go Luke a Chupacabra T-Shirt