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Thursday, August 2, 2007

Lucha Libre 4 Life: Cool Wrestling Masks

What's cooler than Lucha Libre masks? Probably nothing! Lucha Libre is Mexican 'Professional Wrestling' and Luchador is a Lucha Libre performer. Luchadors can be distinguished by their colorful masks that may represent gods, demigods or other archetypes. Luchadors are almost all unmasked by the end of their career and are often found wearing their masks in public. Here are some of my favorite Lucha Libre masks! I especially enjoy the ones with hair and horns.


Simon said...

How do you see out of that third mask?

Walter Stonewall said...

That Luchador can sense the movements of his opponents by shifts in the cosmic energy forces! He is one with the universe.

Simon said...

True, I should have learned that from Nacho!