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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Mee Mix

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I saw Mee Mix on Tech Crunch a few weeks ago, I believe, and put in for an invite to their Beta release and I received my golden ticket yesterday. Let me tell you what Mee Mix is...Mee Mix, a community music/Internet radio service, is much like Pandora but also takes it to the next level including social networking features. You can broadcast your station for others, listen to others stations, setup a profile, add friends, comment on songs, and even listen to the same song as other channel subscribers.

So far Mee Mix has pulled really good music for the artists/songs that I set my station up with and the UI is very nice and neat. It has been somewhat problematic but that is what you expect with the Beta launch and they have been fairly simple issues. If you are interested I suggest you head over to Mee Mix and ask nicely for an invite.

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