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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Shock Ball

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....And now Hot Pohtaytoh has evolved into the Shock Ball. The Shock Ball plays just like the classic game - with one major alteration. This ball doesn't want you to win. It wants you to drop it and lose. And to get you to drop it, the Shock Ball (as you probably have guessed) shoots out random electrical shocks (and lights up to make the experience more enjoyable). If you can hold onto the Shock Ball, you will quickly become the Shock Ball Champ. And everyone will know you have nerves of steel and a very unique hairstyle (you know, from all the shocks). Shocking fun for everyone.

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1 comment:

Luke said...

Marini has a game that you hold a buzzer and if you push the button before it's time or you are the last to push it it shocks you, best game ever, shocking = Luke gets the giggles. Weird way to spell potato, must have been writ by Dan Quayle.