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Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Truth Behind the Haiti UFO Videos

If you surf the web regularly or are a YouTube junkie then you have definitely seen the Haiti UFO videos that have been circling around the net. If you were like me you wanted to know the origins of these videos and to see if they are valid. Personally, from the start I figured that they were a hoax but you never know. Many believed that they were part of some new viral video hoax for Halo 3, Invasion or maybe even J.J. Abrams new movie project, but no one knew for sure. Check out the video and then hear the truth.....

L.A. Times: It came from outer space

....The next morning, with all the good leads exhausted and most hope lost, the telephone rang.

It was a woman named Sam. From Corsica. "Hello," she said. "I am calling on behalf of barzolff814."

Barzolff814? Why, he was the person who had posted the No. 1 Haiti video!

Barzolff, Sam said, wished to remain anonymous, but he was prepared to share the full story of the videos. I agreed not to reveal his real name. Then I was all ears as Sam began parroting into the phone the words I could hear Barzolff saying in the background.

The 35-year-old Barzolff is a professional animator who attended one of the most prestigious art schools in France and has a decade of experience with computer graphics and commercial animation.

It took Barzolff a total of 17 hours to make both the Haiti and Dominican Republic videos. He did it all by himself using a MacBook Pro and a suite of commercially available 3-D animation programs, including Vue 6. The videos are 100% computer-generated.

The videos, he said, were intended as research for a feature film project he's been working on with Partizan, the France-based production company responsible for, among others, Michel Gondry's "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind."

When contacted to verify the story, "Eternal Sunshine" producer Georges Bermann said it was all true, and that Barzolff was "an absolute genius" who could "make anything look entirely real."

To prove that he was truly behind the videos, Barzolff agreed to provide the L.A. Times with a new spacecraft video. Called "Proof," the video depicts a small version of one of the spacecraft floating above a Paris street. As the camera pans over, the viewer sees two elderly women at a cafe, one of whom is holding a remote control device. Humorously, of course, this video makes use of computer graphics as well.

The movie Barzolff is working on for the big screen is about two guys who create a UFO hoax so realistic that it spirals out of their control. "For better or worse," said Barzolff, who cited being "overwhelmed" by the response to his video as one of the reasons he didn't want to go public with his name.

Barzolff stressed the videos were not intended as a viral marketing ploy. His movie is still in the idea phase, and he created the hoax strictly as a "sociological experiment" -- in other words, just to see what would happen...

....And here is the "Proof" video from Barzolff814

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