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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

One Year Anniversary

One year ago today I was sitting around bored on my computer and decided to create this blog. It first started out as just an experiment (Post #1) to see if I really wanted to do it or not and then it slowly turned into a fun and exciting hobby. The blog has gone through many ups and downs, make-overs, a number of posters and right at 715 posts. So to commemorate the one year anniversary I have decided to compile a list of my Top Ten Favorite Posts of Teh Siblog

10 - Sleeper House - The only reason this post made it into the list is because I spent a good 2-3 days researching this house.

9 My Very Own Bacon Concoction: Beer-Boiled and Bacon-Wrapped Cheese Brat - One of my bacon inspired inventions but this one was really just my version of the tasty treat made by those crazy people at Maxim.

8 Sea Salt Grinder + Bac'n Buds = Siblog Bacon Salt Grinder - Inspired by the guys that made the Bacon Salt.

7 Top Ten Firefox Extensions - Just because I love the Firfox browser and project. I can't wait until Firefox 3.

6 Baconator Review: I Fought the Baconator, but the Baconator Won - This was the most painful post and therefore needed to be in the top ten.

5 Up and Running on Ubuntu Feisty Fawn - I love the Open Source community on the web and this project is very special to me. Lately I have found great interest in helping spread the word about this amazing Linux OS and that is why it ranks so high up in my list.

4 Chuck Norris!!! - These lists that were composed by Walter were absolutely hilarious and have drawn in the most amount of people to Teh Siblog.

3 Return of the Bacon Costume - I love this post because it was one of the more extensive and certainly the most fun of the Bacon projects that I have done.

2 Eveybody, Meet My Google Twin - How often do you find someone across the planet with the exact same name as you!? This post was great because I got to harass my Google Twin as well as make my first Wikipedia entry for "Google Twin".

1 Best Bacon Ever! - There are a number of reasons why this post is by far my favorite. 1) It appeared on Digg's front page and made its way up to #1. 2) It started up my posts on bacon. 3) It jumped Teh Siblog's page views to another level and increase the traffic dramatically and....4) It really kick started my love for the blogging hobby!

Even though you don't see any Zombie, Halo or other posts on this list I think it sums up what this blog is all about. I am sure you can also see that all but one of these posts are mine and that is just because my view point is jaded. I love all the work from everyone especially Walter that has made this site what it is.

....And a especially want to thank all the readers out there, which at this point may be around one or two ;-)

Thanks for a great first year!

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