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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Bacon Ends and Pieces

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I received this phone picture from from my girlfriend and some friends/readers of ours. So.....what in the hell are "Bacon Ends and Pieces"!? I figured that they were the leftovers that did not make the bacon cut and from reading a little bit more about them, I think I am correct. Does that mean that they consist of all fat? I wouldn't go that far but I would expect them to be a little bit more fatty that premium sliced bacon. So now on to the real question....What would Bacon Ends and Pieces be used for? Bacon kabobs? Bacon soup? Bacon treats!? Well according to some sites, these little jewels are used primarily to season or top dishes. Glad to hear that people are using every last piece of bacon!

Thanks Kitty and Karen ;-)

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