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Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Being the big music fan that I am I have to have a good music source at work to keep me happy. I think I have jumped from every music site there is - Yahoo Music, Pandora, MeeMix, Deezer, etc. Recently I have been using Deezer which is an online service that let's you create your playlists from their vast library of songs. I love this service but lately they have been having issues with songs not being able to be played and other stuff of that sort. Since I am always looking for a bigger and better music source I stumbled across a similar site called BoomShuffle today. The idea is very similar except that you can have friends edit/update your playlists if you want them too. I think this a great way to find out about new and upcoming bands. The only downfall right now is that the selection is not nearly is large as Deezer, but I like the UI alot more and the sharing concept is really cool. Unless Deezer fixes their issues I think I might be leaving another music site yet again. Check out BoomShuffle and my mix

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