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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Personas - The Firefox Theme Extension


Are you tired of your old school grey theme on your Firefox browser? Do you want something a little more exciting? If so then head over to the Mozilla Labs and download the Firefox Personas Extension....or just click here to download. Personas offers many new and exciting themes to spice up your Firefox browser including nature themes, holiday themes, sport themes and, you guessed it, Firefox themes. Right now there are probably around 20-30 themes to choose from and I am sure that one of them will fancy you. Right now I have mine set on the Snowman theme for Christmas but I am sure I will probably set it to the Firefox Logo theme after the 25th. Also, soon Mozilla will be releasing an API that will allow developers and designers to submit Personas that are based on Web content, including support for anything that can load in a content window such as HTML, CSS, PNG, JPG, Javascript, SVG and Canvas. That way you can create your own SiBlog theme and share it with everyone else. Viva Firefox!

Here is a quick example of how Firefox looks with the Personas Extension -

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