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Friday, December 28, 2007

Spicebird - Mozilla-based Collaboration Suite

PhotobucketSpicebird is built on Thunderbird and Lightning, the powerful extension that adds calendaring functions to Thunderbird. Additionally it seems to integrate SamePlace, a Firefox extension that provides instant messaging capabilities based on the Jabber protocol.

After watching the Spicebird presentation I was left greatly impressed and wishing it was available now.

To begin with, it provides a helpful dashboard that shows recent messages, web feed items, an agenda, a calendar and a couple of clocks showing local and foreign times. Other tabs provide a complete email inbox, contacts list, and calendar.

Spicebird adds a few new tricks on top of the foundation products base: it autodetects events and their dates so you can quickly add an emailed event to your calendar, and it provides a single email and instant messaging contact list so you can see if a sender is connected and IM him or her in a snap.

According to the product description page it will also allow to post to your blog and edit wiki pages for a complete collaborative and enterprise-oriented solution but this is not shown in the presentation.

via Mozilla Links

Sounds pretty sweet! I can't wait for it!

More at Synovel

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