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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Canned Hamburger Pics and Review

Here is some poor sap eating the hamburger in a can....

It's done!
Here is what it looks like out of the can....
The insides....
The first bite....
Half way there....
All gone!

Here is the quick review from the brave eater...
I'm not sick and I say I would eat this thing again if it weren't so expensive.
And I relly must say that this propably is faaaar better when you're many kilometers away from civilization on top of some mountain and you can whip out a cheeseburger with nearly the same quality as a McDonald's cheeseburger while your friend eats dry bread or power bars.

For more go here

Canned Hamburger

Ooooh, how delicious! You can enjoy this tasty hamburger right out of the can on the road, at the table or in the tent. I wonder if it tastes as good as it looks.

via Gizmodo

Bacon Coffee

The best part of waking up is .... er .... ummm .... bacon in your coffee cup!


"Embark on a smooth sail each morning with this breakfast flavored coffee. The taste of sweet maple and smoky bacon blend perfectly to create a hearty start to your day." - From Boca Java

Buy "Maple Bacon Morning" at Boca Java


Kickin It: Gravis Artwork Royale

Kickin It All Week!70$ at Urban Oufitters

Kickin It: Creative Recreation Torreo Velcro

Kickin It All Week!115$ at Urban Outfitters

Son of Rambow Trailer

Looks like it could be good...

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Asus EeePC vs. Everex CloudBook

I have been looking into possibly getting one of these super cheap laptops and have been doing some comparisons. (Don't know why Blogger is having issues with displaying my table under this text :-/)

Asus EeePC
Everex Cloudbook
Weight2.02 lbs2 lbsTie
OSXandros LinuxgOS Linux (Ubuntu based)Cloudbook, but that is personal preference
Memory512MB DDR2 (1GB max)512MB DDR2 (1GB max)Tie
Storage4GB SSD30GB HDCloudbook on size and EeePC on technology
CPUIntel Celeron 0.9 GHz1.2 GHz VIA C7?
Camera0.3 megapixel0.3 megapixelTie
Battery2.8-3.5hrs5+ battery lifeCloudbook
Overall Score1010Personally I like the Cloudbook more because of the 30GB drive

Weight - Both weighing in at around 2lbs. Winner: Tie
Display - Both displays are 7". Winner: Tie
OS - With Everex's gOS being Ubuntu-based I may have to go with it but that is a jaded point of view. Winner: CloudBook
Memory - Both can be upgraded to 1GB. Winner: Tie
Storage - I like the Solid State Hard Drive in the Asus EeePC but I like being able to have a larger hard drive. This one is a personal preference. Winner: Cloudbook on size and EeePC on technology
CPU - I don't really know any stats on either so I can't make a good judgment call. Winner: ?
Camera - Wouldn't use it anyways but since they are the same it is a tie. Winner: Tie
Battery - The winner is the Cloudbook if it lives up to what it promises. Winner: Cloudbook
Cost - Same price. Winner: Tie
Other - 1)My girlfriend likes that you can get the Asus EeePC in different colors including pink. 2)The touchpad/mouse for the Cloudbook looks pretty weak (above keyboard on right and left side, see pic) but if you plan on plugging in your own mouse then it should be fine. Winner: EeePC
Overall - I really like both of them but with the specs I have right now I would have to go with the Cloudbook. Winner: Cloudbook

Zombie Tower Defense 2

I love tower defense games and I love zombies too! I actually love this idea so much that I was thinking of making one of my own, but I don't have the know-how to do it yet. Anyways, enjoy this Zombie Tower Defense Game!

Rambo Review From Kid on YouTube

Hilarious! If this doesn't make you want to see this horrible movie then I don't know what will!

DIY Camera Stabilizer

Great DIY idea for those camera people out there....

$1 Image Stabilizer For Any Camera - Lose The Tripod - Watch more funny videos here

Spam with Bacon!

If you didn't like Spam before, you are going to love it now!

I remember some drunken nights eating Spam from the local gas station. I never really liked it or disliked it but now I might have to try it again!

Kickin It! Chuck Taylor Skate Pack Punk

Kickin It All Week!45$ at

Kickin It: Centennial Low Patent

Kickin It All Week!55$ at Dr. Jays

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Gnarls Barkley - Run

Leaked yesterday....

Google Maps Gone Wrong

Shopping With Your Baby: Just A Friendly Reminder

Pretty self explanatory. You never chuck cans on top of the bread and eggs! Oh and don't forget the bacon.

Kickin It: Supra Muska Sky Tops

Kickin It All Week!
Supra Muska Skytops, a sweet original. Check em out at, unfortunately they're 123 bones.

via Dethroner

Kickin It: Reebok Ice Cream Board Flip II

Kickin it All Week!
75$ at

Monday, January 28, 2008

Kickin It: Rhino Marc Ecko Unltd Dragon

Kickin It All Week!

70$ at Zappos

Kickin It: Chuck Taylor All Star Sticker Ox

Kickin it All Week!
47$ at

Friday, January 25, 2008

Eat and Write: Pen Cutlery

Eating at the office has never been easier! You may need 3 seperate pens otherwise changing the tops may be a little messy. Now their's a reason to chew on the top of your pen!

Via Designboom and Spluch

Kingpin and Big Lebowski Mash-up - McCracken vs. Jesus

8-Bit Watch


I would totally but this watch if it wasn't so damn expensive! $82 and it doesn't do anything but tell you the time! Weak!

Product Page

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Fart Zone: Fart Alert!

Danger! Danger! Highly flammable gaseous waste and raging bowels beyond this point! Let those around you know when Taco Bell gets the best of you. The fart barricade has a sensor to alert those loitering that they may be in imminent danger.

via Nerd Approved

Anatomy Tattoos

Being a fan of anatomy I found these tattoos pretty cool. These are pictures pulled from a pretty original blog called Street Anatomy. Street Anatomy combines art, design and medicine to formulate a great site. Here are some of my favorites!

via Street Anatomy

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I Hate


Every now and then I get up on my soapbox and bitch and moan about something that pisses me off....this post is no different

So today I was searching for some information on Google just like I do everyday of my life. I got my result set and started opening all the links that looked promising (in other tabs) as I went down the list. Once I got through the first page of Google's results I decided to start going through the tabs that I opened. First tab, (aka crap). Second tab, (aka shit). Third tab, (aka kaka). Fourth and fifth tabs, not and finally some good and useful information. I don't know if any of you have stumbled across or know anything about, but it sucks! I have never, and I mean NEVER, found anything useful on an page. Nothing pisses me off more than ending up on these pages. I usually pay attention to the actual URLs before I open them but sometimes when I am not paying attention the shit-ass site catches me off guard. Make no mistake, is a parasite on the web that needs to be permanently blocked by search engines.

Lets do a little example, Google Search - TV Wakeboarding Tournament Schedule. Hey guess what the first two hits are? Yup you guessed it, Let's go ahead and take a look a these two links. The first link, TV Tournament and Event Schedule, Waterskiing and Wakeboarding on ... looks amazing when you read the title but once you get the site you realize that it is complete shit. The link doesn't even have a schedule of any sorts. It does direct you to a site that could possibly have a schedule, but after visiting that site too you realize that it sucks just as bad as the first. Thanks! The second link Tournament TV Schedule - Waterskiing/ Wakeboarding Archives doesn't look nearly as good as the first link but it may give some insight on channels, other sites, etc. Nope, it is complete kaka showing you absolutely nothing! Thanks again for wasting my time. A few more down the list and shows up again, but I am not even going to open this one up because it is obviously not what I am looking for....but it is a link a ordinary user might open. Then guess what!? The next two links actually have some useful information about a wakeboarding schedule on TV!! Hooray!! It sucks that you have to wade through all the crap before you can actually get some results that you were searching for. This one was just a quick and simple example but may are worse.

So this is more of a plea to Google and other search engines. Please block from your search results so that this horrible parasite on the web can die!

USB Hamster

The faster you type the faster the hamster runs. I'm waiting for the Hamster that powers my PC!

Via Thumbs Up

"Choke" Movie Review


...Chuck Palahniuk is my favorite author, and I’ve been waiting a long time to see Choke adapted to the big screen (and even longer for my Palahniuk favorite Survivor). Most people know Palahniuk as the author of Fight Club, which was adapted to the screen by David Fincher. A favorite of many people of my generation, Palahniuk has developed a huge cult following among young men and women. Choke is probably my fourth favorite book of the bunch, yet I’m shocked that this is the second movie adaptation. Especially considering the dark nature of the book which includes sex addiction and religious themes that is likely to upset any serious catholic.

Truth is that you couldn’t make Choke into a movie unless you did it independently on a small budget. And that is what they did. Made for $3.4 million, and filmed over the course of 25 shooting days in New Jersey, Choke looks nothing like Fincher’s film. I must admit, it doesn’t look like anything I ever imagined it would be, probably due to the budgetary limitations. That said, I loved every minute of this movie.

Sam Rockwell is everything I imagined Victor Mancini would and could be. He plays the part perfectly, and is the reason why this film works so well. Kelly Macdonald is wonderful as Paige Marshall. The cast is the best it ever could have been.

As a fanboy of the book, I’m finding it easier to voice my minor nitpicky complaints over offering up praise. So let me get through a couple of my issues. The book’s opening chapter is one of the best opening chapter’s I’ve ever read. The narrator attempts to convince the reader not to read the book. That his life is not worth reading about. I think they missed a huge opportunity by not translating this into a “Leave the theater now, shut off the DVD, this movie isn’t worth watching” opening voiceover. Also, writer/director Clark Gregg decided to abandon use of the voiceover shortly after the first act. I think this is a big mistake as the voiceover in the novel is one of the reasons it was so great. And this is evident in the sequences which involve voice over early on in the film. I’m not quite sure that the flashback sequences to Vincent’s childhood was well explained for those who had not read the book. And I also found some of the musical score (not soundtrack) to be too loud and corny. I hope they also get rid of the interstitial they use between flashbacks and flashfowards, as it seemed way too cheesy for this type of movie.

Choke shocks, offends, entertains and might even make you cry. Clark Gregg’s adaptation will please fans and non-fans alike. At only 85 minutes, I only wish the film could have been longer. I hope that some distributor has the guts (no pun intended) to pick this film up and give it a proper release.

/Film Rating: 8 out of 10

via /Film

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Turntable Wrist Watch

Mix up your style with this fashionable watch. This Flud watch prices out at 59$. Keep the beats real and original.

Via and Coolest Gadgets

Coachella 2008!


FRIDAY, APRIL 25: Jack Johnson, The Verve, Raconteurs, The Breeders, Fatboy Slim, Tegan and Sara, Madness, The Swell Season, The National, Animal Collective, Slightly Stoopid, Mum, Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings, Stars, Battles, Aesop Rock, Midnight Juggernauts, Does It Offend You, Yeah?, Minus the Bear, Spank Rock, Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip, Diplo, Adam Freeland, Santo Gold, Jens Lekman, John Butler Trio, Vampire Weekend, Dan Deacon, Architecture in Helsinki, Sandra Collins, Busy P, Cut Copy, Black Lips, Datarock, Professor Murder, Reverend and the Makers, The Bees, Porter, Rogue Wave, Modeselektor, American Bang, Lucky I Am.

SATURDAY, APRIL 26: Portishead, Kraftwerk, Death Cab for Cutie, Cafe Tacuba, Sasha & Digweed, Rilo Kiley, Dwight Yoakam, M.I.A., Hot Chip, Cold War Kids, Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks, DeVotchKa, Flogging Molly, Mark Ronson, Turbonegro, Scars on Broadway, Islands, Enter Shikari, Calvin Harris, Boyz Noize, Junkie XL, Cinematic Orchestra, Jamie T, The Teenagers, VHS or Beta, Carbon/Silicon, Erol Alkan, Yo Majesty!, Little Brother, Bonde Do Role, St. Vincent, Akron Family, MGMT, Institubes DJs (Surkin, Para One and Orgasmic), James Zabiela, Sebastian, Kavinsky, Dredg, The Bird and the Bee, Grand Ole Party, New Young Pony Club, 120 Days, Yoav, Electric Touch, Uffie.

SUNDAY, APRIL 27: Roger Waters (“Dark Side of the Moon”), Love & Rockets, My Morning Jacket, Spiritualized, Justice, Gogol Bordello, Chromeo, The Streets, Metric, Danny Tenaglia, Simian Mobile Disco, Booka Shade, Murs, Dmitri from Paris, Autolux, The Field, Linton Kwesi Johnson, Les Savy Fav, The Cool Kids, Sons & Daughters, Sia, Holy Fuck, Black Kids, Black Mountain, The Annuals, Kid Sister w/A-Trak, Man Man, Duffy, I'm from Barcelona, Manchester Orchestra, Deadmau5, The Horrors, Austin TV, Shout Out Louds, Plastiscines, Brett Dennen.

Roger Waters! This is an amazing lineup! Coachella here we come!

I HAZ Ginger!

There are many customizable start pages around the web including iGoogle, Pageflakes and my fav Netvibes. This morning Netvibes released a Beta version called Ginger for a select amount of users. I read about this on Tech Crunch and was too late to get an invite from them....but a little hard work, determine and Google and I found myself an invite code from Wired!

What's new with the Ginger release? So far I have noticed a few things 1)You can create your normal personal page as well as a new 'Universe' page that can be viewed by friends and others. 2)Better customization settings including themes, backgrounds and profile settings. 3)The thing I really like is the new interface to add content to your page. Here is a small snapshot of my new page and me looking for new content....
I was disappointed not to see new IM capabilities but I am sure they will be coming soon, or at least I hope so

Ninja Super Bounce


Attack your enemies with these Super Ninja Bouncers!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Craig Ferguson's Tom Cruise Spoof

If you saw the Tom Cruise video I talked about last week then you will love this....

Easy Bake Meth Lab


Hey boys and girls, are you tired of cooking your meth with a spoon and lighter cause it just takes too long, well I have the solution! Easy bake meth! Now you don’t have to sit there and tire yourself out waiting for the spoon to get hot. You just simply put the meth into the easy bake meth oven, go do what you need to do and come back to a delicious treat. Its does all the work for you and no mess to clean up!

Thanks for the post Karen ;-)

Friday, January 18, 2008

MacBook Air....Why the hell not?

The new MacBook Air is pretty cool looking but there are a few downfalls to how much functionality it has (IMHO), so I thought this was a funny parody on it.

Religions in the US


Click on the image to see a larger version

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Lippi Selk Sleeping Bag

Little did you know, there actually is a sleeping bag that you can wear. The Lippi Selk Sleeping Bag ($175) is a sleeping bag/suit that is designed to keep you warm while allowing you the mobility that in the worst of conditions can keep you alive. Because crossing cold rivers or climbing up the side of a mountain can be rough. We tried to climb up the side of Space Mountain, and we didn't even make it half way before we had to defend ourselves with laser guns. True story. Those damn Disney security guards have stuff you haven't even heard of.

Taken from Uncrate

This sleeping bag is sweet! I would probably sleep in it every night and then lounge around in it all day! You can find them in assorted colors here

The Cruise Indoctrination Video Scientology Tried To Suppress


If you have not seen this video then you probably should. It is not the Oprah video (above) of him jumping on the couch but it is just as scary

How to Open a Beer with a Chainsaw

I bet this how Ash opens his beers before he kicks the crap out of Deadites!

Am I a Gentleman?

Let's see.....
You Are 88% Gentleman

No doubt about it, you are a total gentleman.
You please the pickiest ladies, and you make everyone in a room feel comfortable.

I knew it! Sorry ladies I am taken :-)

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

USB Boxer

Graphic and sound equipped new USB gadget for all of you out there who are wondering where and how to waste more money and energy! This boxer puts real action on the screen. You control the punches with your keyboard. Sorry but I'm waiting for the Rock'em Sock' em robots version! This fun toy cost $60.

Via Thumbs up and Gizmodo