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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Asus EeePC vs. Everex CloudBook

I have been looking into possibly getting one of these super cheap laptops and have been doing some comparisons. (Don't know why Blogger is having issues with displaying my table under this text :-/)

Asus EeePC
Everex Cloudbook
Weight2.02 lbs2 lbsTie
OSXandros LinuxgOS Linux (Ubuntu based)Cloudbook, but that is personal preference
Memory512MB DDR2 (1GB max)512MB DDR2 (1GB max)Tie
Storage4GB SSD30GB HDCloudbook on size and EeePC on technology
CPUIntel Celeron 0.9 GHz1.2 GHz VIA C7?
Camera0.3 megapixel0.3 megapixelTie
Battery2.8-3.5hrs5+ battery lifeCloudbook
Overall Score1010Personally I like the Cloudbook more because of the 30GB drive

Weight - Both weighing in at around 2lbs. Winner: Tie
Display - Both displays are 7". Winner: Tie
OS - With Everex's gOS being Ubuntu-based I may have to go with it but that is a jaded point of view. Winner: CloudBook
Memory - Both can be upgraded to 1GB. Winner: Tie
Storage - I like the Solid State Hard Drive in the Asus EeePC but I like being able to have a larger hard drive. This one is a personal preference. Winner: Cloudbook on size and EeePC on technology
CPU - I don't really know any stats on either so I can't make a good judgment call. Winner: ?
Camera - Wouldn't use it anyways but since they are the same it is a tie. Winner: Tie
Battery - The winner is the Cloudbook if it lives up to what it promises. Winner: Cloudbook
Cost - Same price. Winner: Tie
Other - 1)My girlfriend likes that you can get the Asus EeePC in different colors including pink. 2)The touchpad/mouse for the Cloudbook looks pretty weak (above keyboard on right and left side, see pic) but if you plan on plugging in your own mouse then it should be fine. Winner: EeePC
Overall - I really like both of them but with the specs I have right now I would have to go with the Cloudbook. Winner: Cloudbook


Anonymous said...

Boot time: eeepc 20 sec, Cloudbook 90 sec to 120 sec WINNER: eeepc

Resume from hibernate: eepc 5-10 sec, Cloudbook 90 sec WINNER: eeepc

CPU speed: eeepc reported TWICE AS FAST on most benchmarks WINNER: eeepc

Build quality: eeepc reported better built WINNER: eeepc

Evil/environmental: eeepc normal channels, Cloudbook wal-mart only WINNER: eeepc

Bad Wombat said...

I own an Eee PC and I have read some reviews of cloudbook. People say that despite having nominally faster CPU cloudbook is actually noticably slower. CloudBook also suffers from some really bad design decisions in particular tiny trackpad and the fact that the trackpad surface and the buttons are on different sides of the laptop. You can read all about it here for example

I think the other poster is quite a bit biased. Eee PC doesn't boot in 20 seconds, the best I could do with a lot of tweaking is 24. It also doesn't restore from hibernation in 5-10. I have never been able to get it to restore from hibernation succesfully, but people who had claim that it takes maybe a few seconds less then full boot and that generally it is not worth it. Otherwise it is a very nice little laptop. You get used to the keyboard fairly quickly, the screen quality is amazing for its size, it is surprisingly fast considering underclocked 900Mhz CPU (it runs OpenOffice for me without slowing to a crawl) etc.

Simon said...

Ya since writing up this post I have read a lot of reviews on each and from what I have heard the eeePC is the better computer. I had high hopes for the Cloudbook but from what I here it was all poorly designed. I am actually now looking at the new 900 eeePC and HP's UMPC as well as waiting to see what Dell/Compal is going to offer this June. Hopefully Dell will design one with Ubuntu pre-installed with a 20GB solid state hard drive and the new Atom processor from Intel.

Bad Wombat said...

I think Eee PC 900 is a better choice. I seem to recall reading a review that basically said that while being fancier in its design, the 2133 is significantly slower compared to Eee PC.

Simon said...

I have also read that in many reviews that say the performance of the HP 2133 is weak, but I have also not found a review where they are not reviewing the Vista version of the computer. I want to see what the performance is like when its running SuSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 which is the optional Linux distro that it can come pre-installed with.... I bet it flies with that. Having Vista installed on this computer is just too much for it

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