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Thursday, February 7, 2008

MonsterHoodies, so cool that I made my own

So a few weeks ago I stumbled across these hoodies on the internet called Monster Hoodies. I thought the idea was so creative and inventive so I thought I would go ahead and purchase one. Well when I took a look at how much these bad boys cost ($60) I decided to make my own for way cheaper.

Hoodie from

A few months back I stopped by Walgreens for some odd reason on my way to a cold Broncos game. When I walked in I found a navy blue hoodie for around $7. The hoodie wasn't real thick or great quality but it worked for that day. Since then it has been sitting in my closet not getting worn. So I grabbed it and ran up to my Grandma's hangout, Joann's, and picked up some white felt ($.20 x 2) and some fabric glue ($9). I took it home and just cut out two similar teeth strips and glued them to the underside of my hood. Presto! 24 hours later I was wearing my monster hoodie and looking quite P.I.M.P., or something like that. My hoodie is not nearly as professional or as cool looking but it cost me a third of what I could buy it for and was way more fun! Check it...

My Monster Hoodie
Grrrrr! I eat Brains!

Hoodies available at


Luke said...

While I must admit it is a scary hoodie and I fear for my brains, but why isn't the monster's privacy protected by having a bar across his eyes?

Simon said...

Because it is the monster from Cloverfield 2 and it can't be leaked ;-)