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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Totally Rad Dances with Dancin' Kim - Dance like the Go-Go's

How To Dance Like The Go-Go's

How To Dance Like The Go-Go's

We recently discovered a few vintage videos of Dancin' Kim and her Totally Rad Dances. Check it out! In this video, Dancin' Kim teaches us how to dance like everybody's favorite new band, the Go-Go's!

Step 1:
Kick Right!
First kick out with your right foot!
Step 2:
Hop And Kick Back!
Now hop on your right foot and kick back with your left foot! It's easy!
Step 3:
Kick Left!
Kick your left foot forward! You've got it!
Step 4:
Go-Go's Arms!
Continue kicking and hopping with your feet. Now add the arms. Swing your arms toward whichever foot is front!
Step 5:
Add The Shoulders!
Keep going and speed it up! Use your shoulders! Try swinging your arms over your head for some cool Go-Go's style! You've got the beat!

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