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Friday, February 8, 2008

Totally Rad Dances with Dancin' Kim - Popping and Locking

How To Learn Popping And Locking

How To Learn Popping And Locking

We recently discovered a few vintage videos of Dancin' Kim and her Totally Rad '80s Dances. Check it out! In this video, Dancin' Kim shows us the hippest new dance craze, Poppin' and Lockin'!

Step 1:
Rib Cage - In!
Isolating your rib cage, thrust it forward and pop it! Now double it up! Twice to the left, and twice to the right!
Step 2:
Add Shoulders - Pop It!
Now add some shoulders and make the move bigger. Twice to the left and twice to the right! Pop those shoulders!
Step 3:
Add Elbows And Knees!
Bring both arms up, and raise one knee. Lift the elbows up, and then up further, popping them with each move. Then quickly slam down your arms. Up-up-down!
Step 4:
Right Arm - Lock It!
Swing your right arm out to the side, then pop it back in!
Step 5:
Left Arm - Lock It!
Now swing your left arm out to the side, then pop it back down!
Step 6:
Arms Up - Lock It!
Lift both arms over your head, then pop them back down. Remember the poppin' arms move. Elbows up-up-down! Add some fresh funky style!
Step 9:
Lift your right arm over your head and diagonally. Get ready for some major lockin' action! Pop up your left knee. Now bring down your right arm and hit that knee. Now double it up!
Step 10:
You're Popping And Locking!
Now do the whole routine! Do this the next time you're at a cool club. Your friends will be amazed!

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