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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Totally Rad Dances with Dancin' Kim - The Triller

How To Do The Thriller

How To Do The Thriller

We recently discovered a few vintage videos of Dancin' Kim and her Totally Rad Dances. Check it out! These amazing dance videos have not been seen in over 20 years! In this video, Dancin' Kim shows us how to dance just like in the new Michael Jackson Thriller video! Too cool!

Step 1:
Step Right - Arm Out!
Throw your right arm out while stepping your right foot to the side. Now bring them back in! Keep your movements jerky, like a zombie!
Step 2:
Left Foot And Arm Out!
Now swing your left arm and foot out, then bring them back in!
Step 3:
Zombie Stomp!
Now throw your right arm out to the side and hold it out, like the undead! Stomp like a zombie around to the left. 4 stomps, 1-2-3-4!
Step 4:
Zombie Stomp Back!
Now lower your right arm and swing your left arm out. Now stomp back around, to the right! 1-2-3-4! Slump your shoulders like you're a dancing corpse!
Step 5:
Zombie Claws And Cross!
Make claws with your hands, like a zombie who wants to kill Michael Jackson! Bring them up in front of your chest. Keep it menacing!
Step 6:
Swing Claws!
Swing your zombie claws like a pendulum, in front of your chest. Right-left-right!
Step 7:
Zombie March!
Leading with your zombie claws, march to the right. Take four steps, to the beat. Stomp big with your feet, like in the Thriller video!
Step 8:
Swing Zombie Claws!
Now swing those zombie claws back around. Left-right-left! Do it quickly, and make a scary face, like a dancing ghoul! Now zombie stomp back to the left!

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