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Monday, March 31, 2008

Casual Dress Hoodie

Every girls crazy about a sharp dressed man...or so I am told by ZZ Top, and this hoodie fits "sharp dressed" to a T. It is perfect for weddings, bar mitzvahs, funerals, cocktail parties, etc and if you really need to dress up just make sure to wear your tuxedo t-shirt underneath!


via Nerdy Shirts

Caffeinated Sunflower Seeds

In the day and age of energy drinks galore, why not try something new! Instead of guzzling down a half gallon of piss flavored soda you can plant the seeds of rage like this fella here. When I say seeds of rage I mean sunflower seeds of course. So next time your training for a marathon, pumpin' iron in the gym or cheer fighting the girls around the block, don't reach for a Red Bull. Reach for a handful of of earth's goodness!

via Xoxide and Zotes

Guinness Stress Pint

Stressed at work, but can't drink on the job? Your solution is here! This squeezable Guinness pint will help relieve the stress of the world when you are not able to be at the pub! Only £4.99....which really isn't cheap - 9.979501 U.S. dollars


via Men Kind

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Emo Song - I'll Cut Myself (I Mean It This Time)

I have not made fun of some Emos in a while so I figured it was needed. Here is a funny Emo song from Those Aren't Muskets!

Friday, March 28, 2008

WOT - Firefox Extension

With all the scammers, phishing and security issues of the internet it is always good to know when you think you are safe and when you think you are not. The WOT (Web of Trust) extension for the Firefox browser helps you surf the internet feeling a bit more safe. The WOT extension is designed to give you a rating on the sites Trustworthiness, Vendor Reliability, Privacy and Child Safety. These score can help you when you are thinking of purchasing a product from a fishy site or when you are checking out a website for your kids. If the website has poor ratings an alert will go off when you first go to the page to warn you of the issues. WOT also allows you to block certain websites with a poor rating and set custom preferences for your family. This extension is perfect for those friends and family of yours who don't seem to know the internet very good and could get themselves in trouble. It is also great for families worried about what their kid is surfing on the net. In fact it is good for all people, I have learned quite a lot since installing it and I especially love the Google search feature. Check it!

Here is a quick shot of it -

Download link
Demo Video

Thursday, March 27, 2008

DIY Fro-Hat, fro-sho!

It motivates, it inspires, it touches my heart!

Vote For Your Favorite Firefox 3 Shirt Design

Though I am really disappointed with the final designs picked for the Firefox 3 shirt contest, I still think you should vote for one. Here is the link to vote and here are your choices






Which did you vote for? Which did you like? What are your thoughts of the shirts overall?

Star Wars Zombies


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Google Maps Crack Deal

Check out this drug deal caught on camera by the Google "Street View"


And a closer look....

Unfortunately Google has pulled the image from the site, but here is the link via Geekologie

Zombie Clay-Animation - Chainsaw Maid

Frickin' sweet! Watch this badass maid clean house when zombies attack!

Watch out for the Dad! He has got to be infected too!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Mindgames: Check out this crazy pic!

Strange, stare at this picture for 30 seconds and then turn and blink real fast... pretty super.

Marvel Zombies Shortfilm[Graphic]!

This fan put together a Marvel Zombie shortfilm. Who's that man in the mask. Check the clip, awesome!

Zombie Strippers Trailer

With a cast including Jenna Jameson, Robert Englund and "The Huntington Beach Bad Boy" Tito Ortiz you can only guess how sweet this movie is gonna be.

Coming soon in DVD!!! What!? No appearance in the theaters! That is a big surprise ;-)

Bacon USB Drive

Another great combination - Bacon + Geek! I wonder if it releases a sent of cooking bacon when plugged in!?


Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter: Bacon meatloaf cross!

I wish the Easter bunny dropped one of these bacon meatloaf crosses off at my house, but unfortunately all I woke up to was a weird drunk guy with horrible foot odor on the couch!

Happy Easter!

via Skulls and Bacon

Friday, March 21, 2008

Transcendental Line Rider Video

Been really lazy these past few days....

Here is a new sweet Line Rider video from Tech Dawg called "Transcendental"

See more funny videos at CollegeHumor

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Pickle Pops - WTF!


If there is one food item in the world that I dislike it is Pickles! Why take a perfectly good cucumber and pickle it!? It's like taking something good and turning it into shit! I don't want them on my burgers, sandwiches or anything!

Anyways, I find this product idea absolutely disgusting! Let's take pickle brine, freeze it and then serve it up as a popsicle....bleh! Might as well be poo!

via Pickle Sickle

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Bacon Rolling Papers

This is just the product for all those people who can't make it through the morning repast without a cigarette. Get some nice maple tobacco and you got yourself a nice wakeup McCig!

Via Skulls and Bacon and Look At This

Boondock Saints 2 a go!

I can't wait!

Run, Fat Boy, Run Trailer

I like Simon Pegg so hopefully I like this movie!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Men's Health: Drunkest Cities - Denver is #1


When I first saw the headline for this Drunkest Cities ranking that was put together by Men's Health I figured there was a good chance that Denver could be on the list for the top 20 but when I opened it and saw that Denver was #1 and Denver Jr. (aka Colorado Springs) was #3 I was surprised! Being a Colorado and Denver native I don't know whether to be proud, concerned, ashamed, complacent, scared or all of the above. I think the "all of the above" sums up my thoughts right now. Oh well, guess we better throw a party!


Hulu is an online video on demand service that is also expected to offer video sharing. According the President and Chief Operating Officer of NewsCorp, it is designed to be "a single source of free, on-demand programming from some of the most popular studios and online networks, [helping viewers] quickly and easily find and enjoy the premium content they are looking for." The service is a joint venture of NBC Universal and News Corp. Providence Equity Partners has also made a USD$100 million equity investment and holds a 10% stake in the company. The partnership was announced in March 2007 and the name "Hulu" was chosen in late August, when the website went live. The service offers full-length episodes of NBC and FOX television programs, including shows from the Bravo, Fuel TV, FX, Sci Fi, Style, Sundance, and Oxygen channels. Hulu also offers selected movies.

Wanna watch Ice Age, Big Lebowski, Usual Suspects, Requiem for a Dream, The Jerk and more? How about The Simpsons, Family Guy, The A-Team, The Incredible Hulk and other TV shows? Wanna watch all of them for free? Head on over to Hulu, register and check out the movies, TV shows and more!

Here is The Three Amigos:

Ninja Shuriken Ice Cubes


What's better then a good ole' snowball fight? An ice Shuriken fight! Freeze a few trays of these Ninja stars and you are sure to take out anyone! Oh, and the Ninja Shuriken Ice Tray is also great for keeping your beverages cold!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Firefox 3 T-Shirt Design Contest


I am a little late on this one....

The Firefox 3 T-Shirt Design Contest is drawing to a close! You can still submit your entry, but time is running out - the deadline is this Sunday, March 16.

We’ve already received close to 1,200 submissions and have created a community of over 2,800 members on the Flickr contest group! There are many great designs in the image pool and we’re proud of the creative talent that has come through so far. The winning design, as chosen by the Mozilla community, will be featured in the Mozilla Store as the official Firefox 3 t-shirt.

Please make sure to read the submission and design guidelines on the contest website carefully when creating your artwork. I also encourage you to join the Flickr group FF3 T-Shirt Design Contest to view the current submissions and to get more detailed information about the contest posted on the discussion boards.

Thanks again and keep up the great work!

Cooking with Coolio!

Why eat out when you can eat in with Coolio! That's right Coolio has his own cooking channel properly entitled Cooking with Coolio. I'm not sure if the food he dishes up is as sick as the rhymes he dishes out, but hey its worth a try. Word!

Gearing up for St. Patty's Day - I'm So Irish Shirt


There are many many funny St. Patrick's Day shirts out there but something about this one makes me laugh. Maybe because I am Irish and I have shat green before...though I think they are unrelated. Anyways the shirt is funny and can be yours if you head on down to Hot Topic

Have a great St. Patrick's Day (Saturday and Monday)!

Dance of the Dead


On the night of the big High-School Prom, the dead rise to eat the living, and the only people who can stop them are the losers who couldn't get dates to the dance.

via IMDB

Personally I am really excited to see this one! Here is the Official Site and SlashFilm Review

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Gearing up for St. Patty's Day - Shamrock and Roller Glasses


Pick up these glasses and sideburns from Spencer's and you too could look like the Irish something like that! Anyways these this are definitely cool and a great way to disguise how drunk you really are!!

via Spencer's

Firefox Extension - Snap Link


I really love this new Firefox extension, Snap Link, that I found! It has proved useful quite a few times already. Here is what it does - Say you are surfing the web and searching for something on Google. When you perform your search you see many results that you would like to open up. Normally I would go through and open each one up in a new tab one-by-one. This is where Snap Link comes in, simply right click, hold and drag the dotted lined box that it creates over the links that you want to open in new tabs. Once you have it over all the links that you want simply release the right mouse button and waa-laa, all the links will open in new tabs! Cool Huh

Here is the link for the Snap Links Download

Lost Boys: The Tribe Trailer

I remember watching the first Lost Boys years ago with the Corys! Unfortunately, chances are I am probably not going to go see it.

New Incredible Hulk Trailer

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

DIY Converse, They are Dope!

Do it yourself Converse are sick! Don't even kid yourself because you know you want a pair of these rad sneaks. Go to and build your very own Chuck T's. You can even personalize it, but don't try to snake my obnoxious design, Holla!

Thanks Erin

Firefox Extension - Tab Scope

PhotobucketI stumbled across this new Firefox extension a few days ago in a post I found on Digg. The extension is actually really cool and helpful, it simply gives you a preview of what is on a particular tab when you mouse over the tab. The preview includes a small display of the page as well as back, forward, refresh, zoom and close buttons. If you can't get an idea of what to expect from the picture to the left just check out the larger picture below

Here is the download link - Tab Scope

Here is a larger shot of it in action

Gearing up for St. Patty's Day - Irish Yoga Shirt


A great shirt for this weekend festivities! I believe I have seen all of these Irish Yoga positions in practice before. The first one is really a beginner position, but the second two take some practice! Maybe if you are lucky you can master these this weekend!!

via Fashionably Geek via The T-Shirt Outlet ($17.95)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

OMG Horror - The 26 Best Zombies of All Time

A pretty good list of some of the best zombies of all time! I think I would have had a little bit different list but otherwise it is fairly good! Check it out -
OMG Horror - The 26 Best Zombies of All Time!


Discuss: Do like or dislike the list? Who wasn't on the list that should have been? I personally was waiting for Evil Ash or some Deadite on the list!

Gearing up for St. Patty's Day - St. Patrick’s Day Sequined Hats


These St. Patty's Day Sequined Hats are the perfect accessory to ensure you stand out this St. Patrick's Day. I mean, who doesn't want to look like Rod Roddy while standing at the St. Patty's Day Parade or while putting a few down in your favorite pub? I know I do! Men if you are afraid, remember that is manly to be able to wear sequined clothing......I think.

If you still need more flare go check out the matching Sequined Fanny Pack.

Maple-Bacon Lollipops


The Bacon part sounds good but I am not too sure about the Maple....I absolutely hate it when maple syrup touches my Bacon! Anyways here are the details from the product page
We feel pretty safe in saying that we're the first people to ever make a bacon-based lollipop. And not just any bacon, either- we use sustainable, organic, cured bacon- we kinda felt that it went well with the organic Vermont maple syrup we were using as a base, you know?

While we admit that it's pretty far from the norm (it's definitely not kosher!), once you make that initial leap of faith and try it out, we're positive that you'll love it. The salty chunks of bacon make a delicious and unique counterpoint to the subtle sweetness of the maple, and oh, yeah- you'll be eating an oh-my-god bacon lollipop!

A perfect gift for the sweet-toothed pork aficianado in your life.

Interested? You can get them at 4 for $10, 12 for $24 or 36 for $52

via Lollyphile

Monday, March 10, 2008

Gearing up for St. Patty's Day - St. Patrick’s Day Suspenders


I am sure you should be able to score a couple of free shots if you are wearing these on St. Patrick's day, but like always you might have more luck if you are a girl. These suspenders are a great way to ensure that your St. Patty's day goes well...and that your pants will stay on!!!

via Spencer's

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Anti-Energy: Keep it Chill!

If you find yourself sitting on your couch, anxious over all the wild energy and crazy trouble your going to get into tonight. Then maybe you should slow your roll and put down some relaxing beverages instead of liquid cocaine! Malava and Drank are the official Anti-Energy drinks.

So kick back, max, relax and chill the night away!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Choke Movie Clips (NSFW)

Here is the first clip of four of Choke the movie that I found on Youtube. There are links for the other three below.

Clip 2

Clip 3

Clip 4

Tooth Tats

These dental tattoos are for anyone who you would like to intentionally put ugly black spots on their teeth. Really COOL!!!

via Crooked Brains

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Foot Fist Way Trailer

Zombie Food: Free Range Humans

Word of advice: Stock up on these pre-packaged Free Range Humans because you never know when a Zombie Apocalypse is right around the corner! Aparently they can roam, work on the computer and do structured activities, but I suggest just tossing them in the freezer for emergency situations.

via Random Good Stuff

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I Am Legend Alternate Ending

This is a big spoiler if you have not already seen the movie but if you have seen it then take a quick look at it and let me know what you think

Top Ten CAPTCHA Images (NSFW)

I don't know how many of these CAPTCHAs are real or fake but I found them kinda funny. Here are my top ten!

10) Racist Wikipedia - That is just not right

9) Anal - No thanks

8) Poon - Too funny

7) Porn - Must have known the user was a fanatic

6) Retard - Probably got the first CAPTCHA wrong and the computer was just telling the person what it thought

5) Fuckd - Yes I know I am

4) Pness - Oh are we playing that game?

3) WTF FU - As if Digg knew the submission sucked

2) Nodick - Not even nice

1) Plumpho - Cracks me up because it is believable that they would do stick these two random words together